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The next Acronym X Nike collaboration has been all the rage as of late. The newly redesigned Nike Blazer Low shoes have been one of the most talked about items in the drop. In typical Acronym fashion, there has been some added functionality to the shoes, which comes in the way of a removable heel clip. Both the “Night Maroon” and “Black” versions of the shoes come standard with two different colored heel clips for customization. 

However, a project by the name of Acronym Dynamics Lab in association with solebox have added 10 additional mind-blowing heel clip designs that are available now via the Acronym Dynamic Lab website

Video Credit : @Solebox

The 10 new heel clip designs are an open-source project by solebox, and each heel clip has been designed by next-gen emerging creators who worked with Errolson Hugh and Acronym. Each of these 10 designs bring some fantastic looks that could be added to the Blazer Low’s. If you were lucky enough to secure these new shoes, you can get your hands on the 3D printable designs right now.

The 3D printed heel clips will also be displayed in Berlin from February 10th.

The 10 designers who have created the heel clips are:

Tessa Bejonson

Stijn Jonckheere

Ali Tunay Sara

Rosa Marga Dahl

Youjung Kim

Gianna Antonia

Berk Kavasoglu

Harriet Davey

Alessandro Belliero


Each artists 3D file for the heel clips are available for download and a small profile about where the artist works and gets their inspiration from.

Stay tuned for Uniden’s own custom heel clips for the Nike Blazer Low’s.


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