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The latest Nike X Acronym popup in Japan has taken social media by storm. 3D swappable heels. Escape zip track jackets. And most curiously, futuristic headsets.

Images courtesy of Nike Tokyo

But where did this futuristic installation come from and who is behind it?

There’s a chance you might not know Ikeuchi Hiroto by name, but you might have come across some of his cybernetic creations while perusing social media. Ikeuchi has worked with several popular figures, fashion brands, and musicians to bring his otherworldly take on art that combines practicality, futurism, form, and function. 

Image courtesy of Nike Tokyo

Born in 1990, Ikeuchi went on to graduate from Tama Art University. There he created the idea of IKEUCHI. That idea spawned into his first art installments, which were dioramas that blended the practice of combining plastic models with computer parts showcasing a core Cyberpunk feel. Ikeuchi won the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division Excellence Award and took place in showcasing his art at world renowned media event, “Ars Electronica”. 

Ikeuchi Hiroto’s unique art installations blend the same diorama practice of using of ready-made plastic models with industrial materials to create life-size mech type robotic suits, headsets, and gadgets that can be worn and are meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia, while remaining completely functional. The work Ikeuchi produces is also meant to be fully functional in terms of being a product and visually interesting artwork at the same time.

Images courtesy of Nike Tokyo

This visually stunning artwork has garnered international attention, as V magazine, Vogue, Purple Magazine, and Wired Italia have all featured Ikeuchi’s work. His work has also been attached to A$AP Rocky’s pop-up store Testing, Arca’s “KLK” and Kohh’s “Worst” Music video. 

Image Credit : Balenciaga

Ikeuchi Hiroto has also recently collaborated with Balenciaga on their 2022 Spring Collection, and more recently, his work has been part of the Nike X Acronym apparel and shoe drop in Japan. The collaboration makes perfect sense considering Acronym’s futuristic functional take on clothing having similar values with Ikeuchi Hiroto’s art. Even the Nike X Acronym Blazer low feels similar to Ikeuchi Hiroto’s work with its modular 3D heel. 

We think this may have been as close as one can get to a perfect collaboration. 



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