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Say you’re a beginner for the techwear style and you’re wondering what, if anything, should be avoided so as not to get scammed. Well, we are here to help in deciphering that potential riddle that might come with researching what techwear brands are on the more affordable spectrum, while potentially saving you a ton of money in the process.

One of the biggest aspects of techwear is the waterproof technology and breathability that exists within the fabric. One sure fire way to know if you are getting scammed is to inspect the article of clothing you are about to purchase, and checking to see if the material itself feels cheap or looks cheap. Now that might be a bit of a hurdle to climb if you are doing some online shopping, especially considering there is still a pandemic going on, so here are some helpful tips to help you avoid websites trying to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

One place in which people often find “techwear” clothing is a website called Aliexpress.com. Going on this website, you might find articles of clothing for a ridiculously small price, but when has anything that cheap been good? There are plenty of “techwear” pieces of clothing that will be brought up in a search on that website, but you must do your due diligence to decipher which pieces are legit.

QIUDYU waterproof hooded jacket techwear multiple pockets techwear  ninjawear darkwear streetwear|Jackets| - AliExpress

Image credit: aliexpress.com

The confusing thing is there are legitimate product that is added to the inventory of the website. Doing some further research can help prevent you from overpaying or having to wait an ungodly amount of time to receive your items. AliExpress does have some great deals and sometimes that is all that people can afford. Don’t be discouraged in your wanting to look more stylish, just know that you get what you pay for. There is no need to come after us if your jacket melts after one washing.

How can you tell what is legit or not? Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

One of the tell-tale signs that you are dealing with a legit manufacturer of techwear is the website having an actual return policy. Most legit retail companies have return policies whether they want them or not. Is the manufacturer based in the U.S.? Techwear companies that have legitimacy come coupled with U.S. shipping and some sort of following on social media.

Handle your research and check TikTok and Instagram.

There are many techwear brands online but know where your product is coming from. Which leads to the next tip. If the techwear brand is international, check the timing for shipping. Legit techwear companies use a third-party shipping company that allows 3–5-day shipping on most of their products to the U.S. and beyond. If your item is being sent in 30 days or more, you might have a problem. 

Tons of people on reddit and social media often bash websites that give them poorly made techwear that is either way off the mark for sizing or is just cheaply made in nature. Some signs to look out for online are the clothing having frayed seams. No legitimate techwear clothing is going to look sloppy or unkempt.

If you can unravel a shirt or jacket like in the cartoons, you just got scammed. Look for copied logos on the items. Try and play “guess the difference” game and see if you can spot a fake or copied logo. Check for rounded edges when they should be straight, logos that are clearly upside down, and possible darkened versions of the color schemes.

Cross-referencing the logo with the one from the legitimate manufacturer can save you tons of headaches. For instance, the infamous 11 BYBB's DARK or "DUSK". The real brand is 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, but what these Aliexpress knockoffs have done is horrendous. Just take a look below. 


Pictured above is an Aliexpress("11 BYBB DARK") knockoff of the real 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi logo. They go as far to even copy the logo but just change the name to a slightly different variant. 

Pictured below is a real 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi jacket.

SS17 – 11 BY BBS

It might be hard to tell online, but if you happen to be in a store, check for thin fabric. Techwear doesn’t rely on thinly made fabric as most incorporates heavy used waterproof materials.

Below an Aliexpress user shares their photo of an "11 BYBB DARK" hoodie. You can clearly see the thin fabric causing wrinkles.

And this is what they promise:

Check for over branding. If the specific piece of techwear contains massive amounts of graphics, it’s usually not legit. Uniformity and sleekness are the usual signs that you are sporting a legit piece of techwear.

Even though the price points for majority of the bigger name techwear companies are high, there are those who have begun to take the techwear technology and incorporate them into more affordable clothing that could serve as a jumping off point for those interested in the urban and futuristic style that techwear brings. Brands like Reindee Lusion, Orbit Gear, and Kinsupplies have been able to incorporate the usage of techwear technology to bring a much more reasonable price for the everyday consumer.

Just remember the saying, “buy nice or pay twice.” That refers to buying a quality product that is truly going to last you a long time, whereas the cheaper option will have you buying the same item twice in that same duration due to its poorly made structure.


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