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Arguably one of the most storied styles in the techwear umbrella is Lunarcore. Fans of the Lunarcore style understand that with this subclass of techwear, the clothes are meant to express a futuristic fantasy. They remain highly functional, but the colors and look are meant to symbolize space travel of some sort.

Thumbnail & Image Credit : Janis Sne

Usual Lunarcore fits boasts a deeper image of astronaut life. That’s the general idea, at least. Although the Lunarcore style isn’t limited to just white colors, that is what a lot of Lunarcore fits incorporate in its overall look.

The color for a good majority of Lunarcore fits is white, but there are also instances of muted grey and solid achromatic colors, like bright orange, thrown in as well. That orange is meant to symbolize the bright orange outfits in which some astronauts have been decked out in. Space travel is still at the core of those more brightly color Lunarcore selections. 

The Lunarcore wearer wants to show their look of someone who has just walked out of a science fiction film, and that is what makes Lunarcore so special. Think of Lunarcore fans wanting to cosplay and doing so with their fits. Lunarcore fans might be attempting to emulate a character they happened to see in their favorite sci-fi film or TV show.

Image Credit : Oblivion Movie

Think about Star Wars, and what you might look like if you had truly come from that universe. What would you be wearing if you were a pilot of an X-Wing? That is essentially what Lunarcore is. Attempting to portray yourself as if you had walked right out of traveling through the stars. Space travel, space stations, and astronauts are strong motifs when it comes to the Lunarcore fit. That is why white and muted grey usually dominate the Lunarcore fit.

Lunarcore also tells a story with the quality of the clothing that fits are comprised of. The items in a complete Lunarcore fit are typically more disheveled than the other techwear subclasses. That adds to the image that you had been away in space for a long time. Mostly all techwear is meant to look clean, lean, and uniform.

Image Credit : Helmut Lang Silver Re-Edition Astro Moto Jacket

Lunarcore can look the opposite at times. Sometimes complete fits are dirty, messy, and boxy. Maybe they aren’t exactly dirty, but the idea is to make the fit look that way. The clothing is meant to look worm down just like the outfits often look in science fiction films.

The idea is to look like the astronauts from the 1960s and beyond, or to try and capture what it would be like to look like a space station or some architecture that exists in science fiction medium.

Image Credit : @bachronym

The idea of storytelling is clearly deeply embedded in Lunarcore style, but there is still that high level of functionality and technology as well. That’s what makes this style techwear, and why it remains under the umbrella of technical clothing. Brands like Hamcus and Post Archive Fashion still hold high level of fabric technology in their clothing. Gore-Tex, DWR, and plenty of function still exist in this style, though there is just more a space travel vibe.

Notable brands that offer Lunarcore clothing: 

  • Hamcus
  • Archive Helmut Lang
  • Post Archive Fashion

Premiere Lunarcore designer Hamcus turns their product descriptions for their clothing into full blown planetary areas that that have their own design and story. It’s fascinating to see the strong storytelling they involve their products in, but that is what Lunarcore is all about. Hamcus just takes that storytelling and amplifies that in their product to make the customer feel as if they had traveled into an alternate universe.

Image Credit : Hamcus

Take the LPU Field Opt jacket from Hamcus (pictured above). The jacket looks to be the pure aesthetic of space travel. It’s grey and reflective off-white coloring make the clothing have a strict feeling of someone who might have just returned from their trip to Mars. The jacket looks every bit of playing the part of space traveler, but it is still techwear. It holds high functionality in the form of DWR or dual water repellent technology, two-way front zipper closures, concealed pockets at the back and front of the jacket, and many more features.

Techwear space travel is where Lunarcore plants its flag…pun intended.

Post Archive Fashion is another proponent for the Lunarcore style. Although they are taking the Lunarcore style and adding an Avant Garde flare to their brand. Think of the Post Archive Fashion style as being what people might look like after we colonized the moon or mars. The clothing still has that Lunarcore feel, but it’s taking the space travel aspect to a new height.

Image Credit : Postarchivefaction

For instance, the 4.0+ Technical Left Jacket (pictured above) has the muted and grey coloring one would associate with space travelers. The jacket contains water resistance capabilities, snap closures on the wrist, breathable 3-layer Taslan fabric, and two zipped pockets in the front. High level of function still but looks like a more refined version of a jacket one might wear in space.

If you can pull off Lunarcore in the right direction, you’ll feel like you are about to head out on a long space mission.


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