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@unidenuniverse What’s your thoughts on the recent #arcteryx trend? #waterproof #goretex ♬ Arc'teryx - YT

Arc’teryx jackets have been exploding on social media. That’s to say, they are blowing up specifically on TikTok. Why is this happening? Well, that question is easily answered with what makes the Arc’teryx jackets and techwear so special. They contain some of the most powerful water repellency fabric technology on the market.

There seems to be a surging attempt by the younger crowd to showcase the water repellency capabilities of this techwear to the world. I mean, wanting to take a shower without getting wet does sound fun. That is exactly what is going on in these videos. People are showing the impressive water repellency of the Arc’teryx jackets, in their showers. 

@yijihoon “See how it just beads off??” #arcteryx #042cargos #techwear ♬ Arc'teryx - YT

As you can see from the above video, the water seems to be flying right off the jacket in solid beads. This beading technique has gained plenty of traction, as there are tons of videos showcasing this.

We have spoken a great deal about Gore-Tex and DWR (dual water repellency) in our techwear guides, as well as, bringing up Arc’teryx many times over.  That’s because those jackets are meant to withstand some of the most powerful and extreme weather conditions on the planet. Displacing water in the form of beads is what DWR achieves and plenty of Arc’teryx jackets feature DWR.

TikTok and the younger generation is certainly enamored with visual media, and it would make sense that the wonders of water beading off someone would be entertaining and make for some great videos.

This level of popularity for Arc’teryx jackets even led to a song being created by a rapper named, YT. YT’s song is aptly named “Arc’teryx”. And just as you might have guessed, the song is chock full of appreciation for all things Arc’teryx. It seems as if the power of DWR and waterproof fabric is something that is amazing enough to warrant tons of TikTok videos.

This is what makes techwear so interesting. High function is what makes technical clothing so futuristic, and it sounds as if the younger generation is starting to pick up on this fashion a bit more. Not all techwear features DWR, but the reasoning behind it being common in Arc’teryx jackets is the company makes this outerwear for those who are interested in hiking or camping. 

Also, those who might live in more severe weather locations typically look to brands like Arc’teryx to protect them from wet environments. That DWR sure comes in handy if a sudden downpour is to happen. The TikTok folks are just showing what it would be like for someone who had to deal with constant rain, by demonstrating the powerful water repellency of the Arc’teryx jackets in their showers.



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