A-COLD-WALL* gives an inside look into what spring 2020 menswear has to offer

SAMUEL ROSS, ACW’s creative director and designer gives us a look into a dystopian future with his spring 2020 menswear collection.

Image from Vogue


The collection consists of a chalk white & black color pallet with a few bold splashes of blue and burnt orange. Samuel Ross once again stages his models with a unique open cuts in a refreshing take on workwear.

Mixing female models tells us that ACW’s style is meant to be androgynous, which has been the standard for high fashion in recent years.

Image from Vogue


The blotched prints, unique cuts, and fabrications tell the story of A-COLD-WALL* with minimal branding involved.

Here are some of our favorite looks from ACW’s Spring 2020 collection below.

All images are from Vogue

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