ALYX x NIKE | MMW SERIES 002 Release Date, Photos, and More


Release date: June 8th (Exclusive Chicago Release) | June 27th Global Release

Colorways: Light bone, Black, and Black/Red

Image from @matthewmwilliams 


MATTHEW M. WILLIAMS, famously known for his creation of 1017 ALYX 9SM & his take on the cobra buckle, is now releasing his second collaboration with Nike (MMW SERIES 002) with a fresh take on the Nike Free Train 3.

This sneaker is dubbed the ‘S-19-NIKE-MNW’ and is set to release on June 27th globally. These sneakers have already exclusively released at Virgil Abloh’s NikeLab Chicago Recreation Center on June 8th, 2019. 

Matthew Williams has teased three colorways on his Instagram stating “Collect all to unlock special color ways”

Image from @matthewmwilliams


This refers to the detachable Vibram outer sole. This reinvention of the Nike Free Train 3 was created to enjoy both inside and outside the gym, according to MMW’s Instagram. 

In an official press release Matthew M. Williams states, “This shoe embodies the multi-functionality of our modern urban existence… We are proud to have collaborated with Vibram on the detachable crampon rubber sole, which allows for the shoe to be used as a minimal trainer inside of a gym or as a resilient boot on city streets or park trails.” 

Innovation is always appreciated in the fashion community, and Matthew M. Williams strikes again with another bold design that turns the heads of many.

MMW SERIES 002 will receive a global launch on June 27th.






All images are from @matthewmwilliams

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