How to start your first techwear wardrobe

Well you got the Steven cargos, what's next? 

This is a guide for someone who wants to elevate their style to the next level, is that you? Then let's get to business. 

Let's start styling in a non traditional manner, bottom to top.


Shoes are either the first or last article of clothing anyone will look at. So either it's going to make a great first impression, or make a lasting finishing impression.

Here are some classic techwear shoes bound to work in every tech head's wardrobe.

11 by BBS x Salomon GTX Bamba 2 | Y-3 Qasa Boot | Nike x MMW Free TR 3

The MMW Free TR 3 features a removable outer sole while select shoes 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi x Salomon features Gore-Tex water repellency.

Unlike the rest, the Y-3 Qasa High does not feature a traditional technical feature, rather it is more form than function. However, it is still considered a technical shoe due to the nature of the style. 

A common pattern in tech sneakers is an aggressive robust styling and a tapered ankle.  

This brings us to bottoms, what kind of pants work the best with tech shoes?


Bottoms can usually be overlooked in other forms of styling, but in techwear, the cargo bottoms are essential. 

With 3M Scotchgard water repellency (DWR 90/5), three spacious cargo pockets, and removable strapping, the Steven cargos are the essential techwear bottoms.


If you're looking for something to bring your wardrobe to the next level, take a look at the Atheist Rapid Deploy Pants V2 by Hamcus.

These pants feature a rapid release storm fidlock gravity pocket. Unlocking the fidlock magnetic v buckle allows any item stored to drop right into your hand.

The fidlock cargo pockets are a step up from the Steven's velcro pockets, providing secure locking and easy access to your daily needs. 

Last but not least, the classic Two Pocket Pants Modified 020 by Riot Division brings lightweight cargo pants to the next level. 

With perforated gussets for ventilation and four way stretch nylon fabrication, these pants are perfect for your summer rotation. 

All three of these pants feature a tapered ankle, which creates a seamless bottom to sneaker effect. 


This is where the techwear look starts to fall into place.

The techwear style is highly inspired by a cyberpunk future. A future where privacy is non-existent from the government and corporations. Masks provide a sense of privacy and security from an ever invasive big brother. 

The 057 High-neck Long Sleeve is designed with a neck gaiter that can be worn as a half mask to cover your face or just be worn as a traditional turtleneck. 

For full protection, the Dune Raider Bodysuit by Hamcus can be worn as a full mask, half mask, or turtleneck. 

The Baggage Scanning Print Long Sleeve is a trendy and casual look to add to your daily style. 

All three of these pieces are great for layering, which brings us to our next category, outerwear. 


A good techwear wardrobe will always consist of a strong jacket to finish the outfit. 

The latest jacket release from Riot Division is the Nullus Jacket.  With ventilation throughout and a hidden 'poncho mode', this jacket is perfect for humid and rainy conditions.

Pair with the 2 Pocket Modified Pants for a futuristic look, or the Steven cargos for a fully water repellent style. 

Play with layering by combining the 057 High Neck Long Sleeve and the Nullus jacket to have the sleeve details of the 057 subtly show. 

The 066 Seamless jacket is a truly multifunctional jacket from easy carry straps, to a external outer shell. 

Pair with the 066 jacket with the MMW Free TR3 to make a powerful red statement.


An accessory is like a buff to a carwash, the finishing piece to make your whole look shine. 

The M100 is the perfect modular bag to carry your belongings and maximize storage with additional MODs. 

Or for a more luxurious look, substitute for a Leather Panelled Crossbody Bag

A favorite functional accessory from the Uniden Team is the AC-403 keychain by Orbitgear. It features a slider magnetic mechanism that is perfect to secure your keys and daily accessories. 


Wardrobes are all about using versatile items to use to maximize your style and minimize your budget.

We found that including 3 bottoms, 3 tops, 2 jackets, and 3 accessories in your wardrobe  the golden ratio for the techwear rotation without getting too bored of your everyday wear.

Good luck on your techwear journey and development of your style. If you have any comments or questions on this week's article, let us know down below. 

See you in next week's FEED.


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