Reindee Lusion releases a second part to their SS19 collection

RL paves a new path for affordable techwear with true functionality once again with their latest offerings.  The first part of their spring/summer 2019 collection saw the introduction of a breathable & refreshing tech style. 

We witnessed the inclusion of MOLLE technology in much of their new season gear. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. MOLLE allows the user to attach external accessories onto the MOLLE webbing system.

The creators of Reindee Lusion saw this advancement in technology and gave us a taste of it in the first part of their SS19 collection, and fully showcased it in the second part of the collection.

In the second part of their collection, we see the introduction of their 054 FIDLOCK Magnetic Belt which includes an External MOLLE Bag. We also saw the introduction of the 055 X-PAC External MOLLE Bag. These new items from RL can be attached onto any MOLLE system such as the 048 CORDURA Ballistic Vest or even the 050 Cargo Shorts

These additional accessories not only create extra compartments for storage, but also adds texture and color to your outfit. We also saw the introduction of RL’s logo tee featuring a silver-toned graphic print in two colorways, black & navy. 

Gary & Bosco, the creators of Reindee Lusion, have once again innovates fashion, which we deeply admire. You can now shop the full spring/summer line up from Reindee Lusion on Uniden here.

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