Yohji Yamamoto’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection is Full of Inspiration

Check out Yohji Yamamoto's Spring Summer 2020 collection that just premiered today, June 20th.  

Yohji Yamamoto presents a variety of looks with new prints & textures, and of course, his iconic use of black. Like every collection, Yamamoto uses subtle amounts of abstract color and texture to draw the eye.

Yamamoto also tends to use wide pants in his looks and this season presents the same. Yet, we see a refreshing take on white cropped pants with a black trim. Only a handful of people have embraced the wide draped pants niche, but as always, the rest will follow in Yohji's lead. 

Look at the this collection for inspiration -- Yamamoto is the master of wide cuts, draping, and dark silhouettes. Carefully look at the textures, the silhouette, the shoes, and the outfit as a whole. 

Yamamoto shared his thoughts backstage after the show:  “Growing up, I was wary of society — people are unfair.  I don't expect the world to last — I was certain it wouldn’t be snuffed out in my lifetime, but rather that of the kids, or grandchildren.”

What do you think about Yamamoto’s sentiment? Do you think he effectively conveyed his philosophy through this years collection of clothing?

You can check out the full 43 looks from Yohji Yamamoto here.

If you’re craving even more outfit inspiration from Yohji Yamamoto, check out this inspiration album here.

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