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Elon Musk has announced via a job posting for Neuralink, that human trials on their revolutionary brain chip will begin as soon as this year. The company is currently looking for a clinical trials director. The job posting for the director position states, “As the clinical trial director, you’ll work closely with some of the most innovative doctors and top engineers, as well as working with Neuralink’s first clinical trial participants.”

It sounds as if Musk’s new company is set to attempt to break ground on their devices this year.

Just last year, Musk shocked the world with a video showing a macaque monkey named Pager playing the video game Pong with his mind. Pager had been fitted with the Neuralink and the video shows the way in which the device can connect to a smart phone as well as a tablet, that tracks the neuron activity in real time. Pager performs a simple task-like game to track his brain activity, which then is mapped to allow the Neuralink to imitate hand motions. 

Video Credit : NeuraLink Youtube Channel

This game is played using a joystick and following a moving ball that lands on panels that light up an orange color. However, the joystick isn’t plugged in, and Pager is doing this all via his brain.

This happens for a couple of minutes before Pager then moves to playing Pong, where the joystick has been completely taken away and just by thinking about it, he is moving the paddles in the game with this mind. It is quite amazing to watch, as Pager moves the paddle on the right side of the screen, even performing well when the difficulty of the game is increased.

Neuralink has also been tested on a pig named Getrude, in which the Neuralink chip sends real-time data when her snout is touched. Both videos are impressive in nature and can truly paint a much clearer picture in how these brain chips will allow functionality for those who do not have usage of their limbs any longer. This is achieved through the chip replacing the damaged neurons in the brain.

Image Credit : Threatpost

For those who might not have been paying attention to current world events, Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world. He has amassed well over $200 billion, to keep him ahead of the other billionaires on the list like Jeff Bezos. That amount of money has been achieved due to his high intellect and ground-breaking companies like SpaceX and Tesla.

Back in 2016, Musk announced that he would be pioneering the Neuralink company along with a collection of brilliant minds. These minds are experts in neuroscience, biochemistry, and robotics. The idea behind Neuralink is to bring a state-of-the-art neurotechnology to those who are suffering ailments due to brain disease.

Image Credit : CNET

A brain link device would or could be implanted into the brain to allow the usage of activity without needing the usage of limbs. According to Musk, “I think we have a chance with Neuralink to restore full-body functionality to someone who has a spinal cord injury.” However, as of July 2020, Neuralink was given a FDA breakthrough device designation, allowing for the Neuralink to start moving into human trials. 

These claims that the Neuralink pledges to do away with some ailments involving brain disease isn’t widely accepted in the rest of the scientific community. The criticisms are all that these promises will not be able to come to fruition in the human trials.

If techwear is meant to showcase the future, then that future might also include everyone having Neuralink brain chips and controlling technology with their thoughts. Would you allow the Neuralink chip to be implanted in your brain? Let us know!


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